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  The Best Cooktops for Your Home! 

Best Cooktop 2012

The Best Cooktops - What are the Top Cooktops Gas or Electric? Find Cooktop Reviews and...

The addition of a gas cooktop with grill and griddle provides versatile cooking options from the comfort of your own kitchen. Cook, grill, sear, simmer with one single appliance. KitchenAid, GE, and Lodge Logic offer some of the best gas cooktop with grill and griddle on the market today.

The KitchenAid 48-inch Stainless Steel Rangetop with Gas Grill and Electric Griddle offers a variety of cooking techniques. Versatile control over the powerful burners, which offer from 20,000 BTUs to 1,300 BTUs, promises not to disappoint even the most demanding chef. The mighty dual-flame 20k BTU burner will intensely sear or mildly simmer your culinary creations. Two 15K BTU versatile burners can be used for a variety of meal preparations while the 5K BTU burner will gently simmer and melt. An electric griddle evenly heats for superior cooking performance and the 18K BTU gas grill flavors food as if they had been grilled in the great outdoors.

The GE 48-inch Pro-Style Rangetop is customized with four sealed dual flame stacked burners, simmers, grill and griddle. An electronic ignition ensures continuous flames by reigniting when accidentally extinguished. A spectrum of heating temperatures is supplied by the sealed, dual-flame stack burners. Culinary enthusiasts will enjoy settings from 140 degree Fahrenheit, perfect for simmering, to intense 18,000 BTUs. An aluminum-clad and stainless steel griddle cooks quickly and evenly when supplied with 18k BTUs of power across the surface. 14,000 BTUs of adjustable heat grill and sear foods on the ceramic-infrared grill. Reversible flat top burner grates that are uniquely contoured on the other side accommodate a round-bottom wok, adding yet another cooking option to this multipurpose appliance.

When working with a range top that does not offer the luxury of a built in grill and griddle, the Lodge Logic Double Burner Griddle is prepared to tackle your grilling and cooking needs. Durable and spacious this revolutionary griddle/grill is 20 inches in length and 10.5 inches wide. It spans over two burners as heat penetrates the metal's pores uniformly and thoroughly. Superior heat retention, even heat placement, and stick resistant make this cookware a favorite amongst professional chefs.

Cooking is simplified while time is saved with the use of these multi-functional appliances. Each appliance offering unique benefits that will meet the challenge of an array of cooking techniques. A gas cooktop with a griddle and grill component completes every functioning kitchen pleasing the most accomplished chef, and even the novice cook.

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