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SAFETY: NEVER, NEVER, NEVER – put your hand down a Garbage Disposal to see if anything is in it (even if the switch is off). Unplug it first – PLEASE!

Garbage Disposals are one of those kitchen appliances that are great – when they are working.

Most Garbage Disposals are pretty tough and reliable for everyday usage. Disposals are able to crush everyday food particles. However, to prolong the life of your disposal, keep the drain clear of hard or dense items; bones, thick fruit, vegetable stems, or food like products.

Of course, you want to ensure before you start your disposal that you check for silver ware, plastic or metal that might have fallen in by mistake. Avoid sinewy or string item being placed in your disposal, this will tie up the cutters/blades and may destroy your motor.

How a Garbage Disposal Works

The way your disposal operates is when the food particles are sent down the drain, they are chopped up and water is added to help break down food that is placed in the disposal.

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