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Icemaker Repair

Ice Maker Repair 

If your ice maker has stopped producing ice completely, check these, in this order:

It may be turned off. Look for the wire along the right side of the ice maker that looks a bit like a coat hanger.

If the wire is in the raised position, the ice maker is turned off.

If so, try one of these:

If your ice maker has a small red plastic lever, lower it to lower the wire.

If there's no plastic lever, simply lower the wire.

In either case, the ice maker should begin producing ice again.

If the freezer is too warm, the ice maker won't cycle properly.

Icemaker Repairs

At Appliance Repair we are committed to keeping all your refrigerators components running at there peak levels.

That includes your Icemaker - we want you to have ice as often as you like

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