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Coffee Bean Direct for Better Quality and Lower Prices


Coffee bean direct is your best choice. You probably don't think about it much but the chances are, the coffee beans used in your morning cup o' joe have passed through as many as five or six different middlemen on their way to your mug. All that passing from hand to hand adds to the price and subtracts from the quality of your cup. There's a better way: you can do what I do and buy your coffee bean direct from the source!

Coffee bean direct from the source costs less

Did you know that by buying direct can actually cost less than buying coffee at the supermarket? All those middlemen certainly don't work for free. You can actually save money by buying it in bulk direct from the source. By "bulk" I mean at least 10 to 25 pounds at a time - this is where you start to see significant price discounts.

Coffee bean direct from the source gives you higher quality and better taste

If you're buying ground coffee from a supermarket, did you know that those coffee beans were ground months ago, and most of the flavor has already faded away? And even if you're buying whole bean, that coffee has waited in several warehouses for who knows how long before it was placed on the supermarket shelf. When you buy your coffee bean direct from the distributor, you know that the coffee is fresh, and you'll be able to taste and smell the difference.

Tips for buying

* Do some research: what kind of coffee do you like? Dark, smoky, and robust - or light, crip, and mild? Did you like that Sumatra you tried at the local coffee shop? A quick search for "Sumatra" on the internet will yield distributors who sell Sumatra coffee to the public. Contact the distributor closest to you and start enjoying fresher Sumatra right away!

* Coffee is at its peak flavor right after the beans have been roasted. In some areas you might be able to find a good coffee roaster in your area, but even if you can't find one nearby you can always find one on the internet and have the coffee shipped to you.

* Don't buy more coffee than you can consume within one month - coffee beans begin to lose their flavor after this time.

* For many coffee aficionados, going through 10 to 25 pounds of coffee in a month is no problem, but if you think this might be too much for you consider sharing an order with a friend.

* Coffee tastes its best when brewed right after grinding, so buy your beans whole and invest in a good coffee grinder - unless you know it was ground very recently and you plan to consume it soon. (Still, nothing beats grinding it at home and brewing immediately after!)

So if you really savor the aroma and taste of a great cup of java, wait until you try it at its peak - right after roasting - when you buy it direct from a distributor. Give it a try today!

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